Doing business in the online world can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of places and ways people can interact with your practice.

It’s nearly impossible to be aware of them all, and it can be a full-time job to manage your online presence. But managing your online presence is the only way to ensure you have a good reputation.

Making sure the right people see your reviews is essential to your reputation and practice growth. Keep reading to learn how MDidentity Express can take the stress out of managing your online presence!

What is MDidentity Express?

You probably get reviews from happy patients all the time without even knowing it. MDidentity Express allows you to share those reviews with people visiting your website in an instant.

A slew of positive reviews on your website is one easy way to impress upon new patients that your practice is worth visiting. MDidentity Express uses two features to help you do this.

One is a scrolling banner on your web page of choice, and the other is a dedicated Read Our Reviews page. This page includes all reviews you receive on Yelp, Healthgrades, and Google.

Patients can also search for locations and doctors on this page to see reviews about your specific doctors and locations. MDidentity Express includes ten doctor profiles.

The scrolling feed allows you to highlight your best reviews. If you want new and prospective patients to only see five-star reviews in your feed, you can set the parameters to do just that! 

What Does MDidentity Express Do?

MDidentity Express gives you a live scrolling testimonial feed right on your website. This feed boosts your reputation in the eyes of your patients as they are exploring your website. This is when they are already starting to make decisions about your practice!

You also get profile syndication with MDidentity. That means any reviews from Google, Healthgrades, and Yelp are automatically added to your Read Our Reviews page. The reviews you want to showcase automatically get added to your live review feed.

The image you project online is how people judge your practice. Your website is the central hub for your online reputation.

MDidentity gives you the power to display the reviews you want your patients to see, where you want them to see them. Showcase them on your home page, landing page, or other pages of your website where you’ll get the most impact.

Why Use MDidentity Express?

Your practice’s reputation hinges on what people see and read about you on the internet. There’s no getting around this.

Online reviews of you and your practice are the primary way your patients are forming their opinions of your practice. If your competition has taken control of their online reputation, why haven’t you?

It’s inevitable that you’ll get both good and bad reviews about your practice, but using a tool like MDidentity Express puts you in control of what your patients see first. 

Put your practice’s best foot forward by making your positive reviews the first thing both new and potential patients see when they visit your website. Take ownership of the things that make your practice great, and patients will be able to see why your practice is better than your competition. 

Managing your online reputation is a critical part of building trust and legitimacy in the eyes of prospective patients. It also helps ensure that your existing patients continue coming back to your practice again and again. 

Ready for a simple way to manage your online reputation? Schedule a demo to learn more about MDidentity Express and you’ll quickly see how easy reputation management can be!