Why You Should Have Doctor Biography Pages on Your Website

In the age of the internet, the way people seek medical information and healthcare providers has drastically changed. With the abundance of healthcare information online, it’s crucial for medical practices and hospitals to establish a strong online presence. One effective way to do this is by having dedicated doctor biography pages on your website. In […]

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How Google Reviews Help Search Rankings and SEO

Statistics show that about 82 percent of patients use search engines like Google to look for new providers. Google is the most visited, most credible search engine, and people trust the reviews on the platform. By having quality Google reviews, you can improve your rankings and SEO. In turn, this will increase your online visibility […]

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How to Handle a 1-Star Review and Be HIPAA Compliant

Occasionally, an unhappy patient will leave a 1-star review online. How you respond to a negative review matters a lot. A recent survey from Press Ganey revealed that most patients read online reviews when selecting a healthcare provider. By properly addressing a poor review, you’re more likely to win your patient back, change prospects’ opinions […]

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Give Your Patients an Online Review Option They Really Want

Research shows that 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as word-of-mouth. Moreover, most patients use online reviews to decide where to seek care. While reviews are super important, many doctors feel uncomfortable requesting them. Fortunately, 70 percent of consumers, including healthcare consumers, are willing to leave reviews if asked to do so. […]

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Are You Using NPS to Improve Your Practice?

Your practice flourishes when patients are happy with your services. Great patient experiences reduce the number of no-shows, increase retention rates, and boost referrals. However, you might not always consistently deliver a good experience to every patient that walks through your front door. So how can you know for sure if your patients are receiving […]

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Text Marketing

Why Text Message Marketing Can Lead to More Patients

When it comes to keeping your patients satisfied, sometimes it’s as simple as increasing your patient outreach efforts. Communicating with patients ensures they attend appointments and return to your practice. Keep reading to find out why text message marketing can lead to more patients! Patients Respond to Text Message Marketing Many practices want to communicate […]

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Improve Your SEO Rankings with Reputation Management

Managing your practice’s online reputation may seem like an overwhelming task. With countless websites posting your information, it’s only natural that your patients will go looking to learn more about your practice.  It can be stressful if you attempt to manage each of these sites and potential locations of information. That’s why tools like MDidentity […]

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Give Your Patients the Online Review Option They Want

Garnering online reviews is essential to the success of your practice in 2021 and beyond. Positive reviews give your practice more authority and reputability. Negative reviews, while unpleasant to receive, give you valuable feedback that you can build on. Either way, patient reviews are a vital piece of your practice’s marketing and patient experience. Patients […]

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What Are The Most Important KPIs for Reputation Management?

Wondering how you can influence your online reputation? What you may not realize is that your online reputation has many factors that can influence it. Some of these you have control over like reviews, net promoter score (NPS), and where that information gets displayed. There are other factors in your reputation, but you have less […]

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