Are you using your practice’s website to your best advantage? Many medical practices put the bare-bones information on their website and leave the other, more influential components to ads, third-party review sites, and social media.

Your website is the online gateway to your practice since it acts as a virtual front door. While it is an entrance to your practice, it also serves as a billboard of what you offer your patients.  

You can control what prospective patients see about your practice while also influencing their first impression of you. Keep reading to see how easily you can enhance the image of your practice with prospective leads, thanks to MDidentity Express!

What is Reputation Management?

There’s a good chance that you may be aware of the importance of managing your online reputation. But what exactly does that mean, and are you doing it to the best of your ability?

Managing your reputation means you have a place to display people’s opinions of you. Those opinions could be on your website, social media, and websites that aren’t your own. 

But utilizing these, and other online spaces can be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t done any reputation management yet. Reputation management also entails getting feedback and reviews from your patients and having a place to share positives. You also need a way to improve upon any negative reviews.

The best place to start building a more positive reputation is your website. Once you’ve started with your website, you can move into the subsequent phases of reputation management in the future. 

MDidentity Express is the easiest way to begin showing prospective patients that you have a good reputation with your current patients. It’s a straightforward plugin that shares positive reviews with your website visitors in a discreet, professional way.

What is MDidentity Express?

MDidentity Express is a website plugin that you can place on your website to help with reputation management. When MDidentity Express is installed, it’s a banner that scrolls through positive reviews you have received. But there’s a lot more to it than that.

It’s an easy way to share what you want people and patients to know about your practice. These may be people looking at your website or learning more about your practice for the first time. MDidentity Express allows you to collect reviews left on major review sites like Google and Healthgrades and post them to your homepage.

It also gives you a separate Read Our Reviews page for your site. Website visitors can see a collection of positive reviews about your practice. For many people, this can determine whether or not they decide to schedule an appointment.

You Can Control People’s Impression of You

MDidentity Express helps you control this impression that a new lead is getting about you. The back end of MDidentity Express gives you the ability to set parameters and constraints of what is shown on your website.

You can select the number of stars each review must have to get published and the sites that reviews will come from. For example, if you only want five-star reviews on your website, MDidentity Express makes it possible. If both four and five-star reviews are acceptable, you can include those as well.

You’ll have all this control in a dashboard that gets added to the administrative page of your website when you sign up for Mdidentity Express. If you want to begin managing your online reputation, MDidentity Express is the easiest way to get started.

You can broadcast reviews on your website, ensure only positive reviews you want are shared, and allow prospective patients to see what your existing patients are saying about you. Are you ready to begin managing your online reputation?

Schedule a demo with an MDidentity representative and see how simple managing your online reputation can be!