When it comes to keeping your patients satisfied, sometimes it’s as simple as increasing your patient outreach efforts. Communicating with patients ensures they attend appointments and return to your practice.

Keep reading to find out why text message marketing can lead to more patients!

Patients Respond to Text Message Marketing

Many practices want to communicate with patients by mailing appointment cards or calling. The problem with these methods is they are not how patients communicate nowadays.

If you look around your waiting room, you’ll see that patients are on their smartphones. Individual patient outreach on the phone will not increase your practice’s reviews.

And it won’t lead to more patients. Instead, use text message marketing to communicate with patients.

Of course, not every patient likes text messages. That’s why with MDidentity, you can change review requests by patient preference.

They can choose to hear from you through text or email. Personalized communication ensures patients think of your practice instead of your competition.

Stay Top of Mind with Text Messages and Drip Campaigns

The key to a positive online reputation is making your marketing efforts intelligent. Using MDidentity, you can do that with a combination of text messages and drip campaigns.

Start with a text message request for a review. The message gets sent to the patient right after their appointment is over.

Their interaction with your practice, staff, and doctors are still fresh in their mind. After they submit a review, you can continue engaging them using email drip campaigns.

Drip campaigns ensure that your practice stays top of mind with your patients. A drip campaign is a vital tool, whether you’re running a promotion or trying to convert them to surgery.

It gives you a hands-off approach to continue educating and engaging patients. This process can make them a returning patient after having a positive experience with you.

Or it can lead to them recommending your practice to family and friends. Either way, consistent communication and education with your patients are beneficial.

Gather Practice Feedback with Text Messages

It’s never been easier to find out what your patients think of you. You can get the data you want and make necessary changes using text message marketing. 

Find out if a specific location is not inviting or if aspects of your check-in could use reworking. Then, combine this with the information you get from MDidentity’s robust reporting.

It features dashboard widgets for essential metrics and the KPIs you care about. You can examine things like reviews, conversions, and feedback all in one place.

With this insightful data, you can make changes that your patients appreciate. These adjustments increase patient satisfaction while making your practice work smarter, not harder.

Text message marketing gives you insights into your patients by directly communicating with them. The simplest way for your patients to connect with you is to respond to a text message.

They answer texts dozens of times every day. Leverage this fact to your advantage with text message marketing.

Want to find out more about the benefits of text message marketing? Contact MDidentity to learn more!