You know how important your Google My Business rankings are for getting website visitors and ranked on Google. A high GMB ranking gets more patients and prospective patients to call or visit your office.

There are three factors that Google uses to determine your GMB rank. They are consistent positive reviews, proximity to city center, and accurate business information.

You can control two of those factors, which are positive reviews and accurate business information. With this control, you can take some of your ranking factors into your own hands.

If you don’t maintain your listings, you could be unintentionally hurting your GMB. Keep reading to learn why managing your online listings is an often overlooked but vital part of your Google My Business rankings!

Reviews Are Important But Are You Also Maintaining Your Listings?

Google favors businesses with more high-quality reviews. But did you know they also look at other citation sites to verify information about your business?

Google looks at online business citations or listings, which can include reviews but not always, to confirm your business information. If your name, address, or phone number (NAP) are wrong, it could result in a rank penalty.

There are seventy listing sites Google checks to verify your business. If even one of these is inaccurate, it could hurt your GMB results and your business.

Here’s Why You Should Monitor Your Listings

Google wants to verify that your business information is accurate before ranking your website. To Google, online listing citations provide you with more credibility.

Being unaware of where information about your practice comes from online is a bad thing. But it can be hard to know how to gain this awareness. Even more importantly, the smartest thing you can do is leverage those online spaces to your advantage.

That is where listing management comes into play. If your online listings are inaccurate, the other work you do to develop a good reputation won’t benefit you.

Here’s the good news: you can use these business listing sites to benefit your practice. Using software like MDidentity allows you to manage your online reputation, from review generation to NAP listings, from one central hub.

Having accurate listings helps give you a good reputation in Google’s algorithm. Having a good reputation with Google means you get placed higher on results pages, and your GMB page remains in the Google map pack. If you want patients to find you and stay top of mind when they think of your practice, your GMB page needs to be in the map pack.

Here’s How MDI Helps You Maintain Your Listings

A great GMB page won’t do it all if you don’t also have reviews for your practice. With MDidentity, you can generate these ever-important reviews for your practice, which is crucial for current and new patients. You can use them in the most beneficial way possible with MDidentity.

MDidentity also checks the same seventy online citation sites that Google does. Tracking your business information online ensures that Google sees you as reputable and ranks your pages and GMB.

Curious if your online listing information is accurate? Many practices don’t know where their info is even listed! Check your listings by scanning them now with MDidentity!