review management

You know that your patients need to have a good experience when they visit your practice. But how do you make sure that it happens?

Since you can’t guarantee it 100% of the time, a simple solution is owning your practice’s online reputation. Keep reading to find out why MDidentity will help you take your review management to the next level!

What Makes Patient Reviews So Important?

Before talking about why your practice’s online reputation matters, you need to understand why patient reviews are as important as they are. How much influence can one patient’s review really have?

It’s a lot of influence, actually, because 72% of consumers trust the online reviews that they read as much as personal recommendations that they receive from people they know.

That small statement right there is why patient reviews are so important. These are the reviews that your potential patients are reading about your practice, and they could be the very first thing they ever read or hear about you.

First impressions matter, whether they occur online or in person. Wouldn’t you prefer that a first impression or first review they see as a potential patient sees be something that’s both accurate and positive?

When your practice is the one in control of your online reputation, it becomes apparent why a potential patient should choose your practice instead of a competitor. Just like that, your practice’s reputation can speak for itself.

One of the key features of MDidentity is the ability to generate reviews via email and text messages to your patients. MDidentity can be customized for each practice’s unique patient base. You choose which locations, review platforms and patient type you want to receive the review requests.

How and where you send your review requests, from email and text, depends on what your practice finds to be most important and the highest priority. MDidentity can help you determine where to focus if you need guidance. 

With MDidentity, Your Practice Will Have the Necessary Tools for Success

At the end of the day, MDidentity is a tool that’s capable of responding, managing, and monitoring reviews. It does all of this seamlessly in one dashboard, allowing you to:

  • Receive new alerts and notifications when you get new reviews on platforms like Google My Business, Healthgrades, Vitals, WebMD, and more
  • Respond to reviews straight from the dashboard, which means it’s convenient and easy to use, even if you’re on the go.
  • Request reviews using the responsive web browser dashboard

The beauty of MDidentity is you’ll continue receiving reviews, no matter where you may be. You can manage and monitor your practice’s reputation, even if you’ve left your desk for the day!

Discover Pain Points that Your Practice Can Fix

MDidentity will put a great deal of information you never knew you could access right at your fingertips. The dashboard is completely customizable. This gives you the ability to finally see the pain points that your practice may not have been able to fix, like specific platforms, locations, or certain doctors that need more reviews.

With prewritten, HIPAA Compliant review responses, MDidentity simplifies your responses and streamlines the process. This ensures that whenever anyone at your practice responds to patient reviews, the responses will be HIPAA compliant. All you have to do is select the best response to the individual! 

For practices looking for the option to dive deep and get a better understanding along with data, MDidentity has a robust reporting system. You’ll be able to see any data you may need, as well as key performance indicators (KPIs) like conversion data on review requests, which review request method works best for your practice, and more!

With measurable KPIs like data from individual locations, campaigns, and doctors, you can see how MDidentity will improve your practice’s online reputation. 

Take Review Management to the Next Level by Integrating with Your Practice Management System

You can even connect MDidentity to a Practice Management System to fully automate the review request process. You don’t need to send a review request to every single patient. 

With MDidentity, you can choose which patients receive review requests. With a compliant integration, review requests can be triggered automatically based on the patient status in your Practice Management System. 

The most common example of review automation for eye care practices is set up for LASIK patients. Email and text drip campaigns can be set up to automatically trigger at your own cadence, but usually 2 days after the LASIK procedure when the patient is seeing clearly! Drip campaigns are highly effective, and by sending these emails, you can take the time that’s necessary to capture a patient’s review. 

It can take 2 or 3 review request messages for a patient to take action and leave you a great online review. Drip campaigns are part of MDidentity’s success.

With new updates coming out weekly, MDidentity is always working to improve the product and make it even better. Chances are if there’s a function you wish it could do, they are already working to make it a reality.

If your practice is finally ready to take control of its online reputation and revamp the patient experience, MDidentity will get you where you need to be. Book a demo with MDidentity now!