Do you know how critical online reviews are for your practice? They are a crucial component of search engine rankings and new patient acquisition.

Keep reading to learn more about the importance of online reviews and how you can get more online reviews without lifting a finger! 

Why Do Online Reviews Matter?

Increase Your Ranking on Google

Reviews are one of Google’s most significant local SEO ranking signals. These ranking signals help determine a company’s ranking in local search results.

Google considers quantity, quality, diversity, and frequency of reviews for local rankings. Frequently receiving positive reviews shows Google that your patients are satisfied and happy with your practice. 

Google always puts the user first. Businesses with good reviews appear higher in local rankings.

Influence Prospect Decisions

Patients read online reviews before they decide to visit your practice. If they see bad reviews of your practice, it could impact whether or not they decide to give your practice a shot.

An abundance of positive reviews will make you look more trustworthy to prospective patients. If other patients say good things about you, new patients are more likely to schedule a visit.

Your reputation on the internet is massively important for attracting new patients. Managing your online reviews is the easiest way to boost your reputation.

Asking patients to leave reviews is a vital piece of a solid local SEO campaign. Reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other big platforms can boost your rankings and make you appear more appealing to new patients.

Reputation Management Specifically For Medical Practices

MDidentity is an automated reputation management and review generation software. That means it automatically reaches out to the right patients at the right time to get reviews of your practice from them.

Plus it’s designed specifically for medical practices. MDidentity reaches out to certain patients based on where they are in the patient’s journey.

It can do this because it integrates with many of the standard medical practice patient management systems. Access to this information allows MDidentity to know exactly when to reach out to each patient to ask for their feedback. And it does all of this automatically.

With new integrations getting added every week, it could integrate with your PM system next if it doesn’t already!

How Does MDidentity Work?

MDidentity integrates with your patient management system to request reviews, schedule appointments, and communicate with every patient in your database.

It automates patient outreach, manages re-engagement drip campaigns, and sends review requests, among other things. All of this is customizable to your needs and is automated after you set it up.

Plus, MDidentity knows that not every patient is the right patient for a review request. It will reach out to the right people at the right time to get your office positive reviews and valuable feedback.

How To Get More Reviews Without Even Trying 

MDidentity allows you to send automated review requests to ask your patients to review your practice after their appointment. These requests get sent using an SMS text or email.

Then, it segments positive and negative feedback. Negative feedback prompts a questionnaire that gets returned to you and doesn’t automatically get posted online.

Positive feedback generates reviews that get posted on all the most important platforms on the web. Plus, all the messages and sequences are HIPAA compliant.

A HIPAA compliance officer has verified every automated message and response in the software. Other reputation management software services do not offer this because they don’t understand marketing for medical practices.

You Can’t Expect Reviews, You Have To Ask For Them 

This entire process is automated. Whether dealing with positive reviews or negative feedback, MDidentity does everything for you.

MDidentity integrates with your PM, and then you set up your follow-up sequence how you want it. After that, it asks the right patients at the right time to leave a review.

After all, If you don’t ask, you won’t get any response. How will your patients know that you want reviews if you don’t ask for them? Automated follow-up allows you to ask patients as they leave the office.

MDidentity allows you to get a steady stream of patient reviews without doing any work. You can be with another patient while your reputation gets boosted on the internet.

Do HIPAA-compliant automatic review requests and positive review broadcasting sound good? Contact us to schedule a demo of MDidentity today and take your practice to the next level!