Wondering how you can influence your online reputation? What you may not realize is that your online reputation has many factors that can influence it. Some of these you have control over like reviews, net promoter score (NPS), and where that information gets displayed.

There are other factors in your reputation, but you have less control over them. Two factors and KPIs that you have control over when it comes to reputation management are reviews and NPS.

Online reputation management is an essential tool in your digital marketing strategy. If you don’t manage yours, you are hurting your practice.

What should you measure and pay attention to boost your online reputation? Keep reading to learn about the most important KPIs for your online reputation!

Can You Influence Your Reputation?

There are simple ways you can enhance your online reputation. Generating more reviews and sharing the positive feedback you receive is one of the most straightforward strategies.

With a tool like MDidentity Express, you can share positive reviews on your website. You can also generate more reviews by asking your patients for them using MDidentity Promoter.

By asking for more patient reviews, you’ll get more feedback, along with the ability to broadcast that feedback on your website and other review sites. With simple tools like these, you can enhance your online reputation.

What Should You Track When Monitoring Your Online Reputation?

If you have the ability to spread valuable information about your practice, you need to continually be getting feedback. Asking for reviews from patients is critical, so you actually have reviews to share across your broadcast channels.

But sharing positive reviews can only work if people say beneficial things. Without the actual statements and feedback, your broadcast systems can’t help your practice improve.

So what do you need to pay attention to when examining your online reputation? What are the key performance indicators for this vital aspect of your practice?

Fundamentally, there are two: your net promoter score(NPS) and your online reviews. The frequency, quantity, and quality of your reviews are also essential.

If you aren’t consistently getting enough reviews, then they are not a factor in your reputation. Receiving negative reviews hurts your online reputation and the perspective that patients and leads can have of your practice.

Negative feedback and your NPS have some similarities as well. Your NPS gets calculated from patient answers to three post-appointment questions.

The questions give them a quick way to rate their doctor, the practice, and overall experience. If you’re getting a lot of negative reviews online, then your NPS can help you pinpoint the cause.

Monitoring reviews and asking for simple feedback to calculate your NPS shows you what and when you need to improve. You can use any negative feedback you get to enhance your patient experience.

A better patient experience should help you garner more positive feedback. As you get more positive reviews, you can continue to ask for more, which you can share in more places.

Boost Your Reputation to Benefit Your Practice

Your online reputation is vital to the health of your practice. Having a negative online reputation can severely hurt your business.

But you can play an active role in your perception online. Listen to your patients, make improvements based on their feedback, get more reviews, and post those reviews. Doing all this can positively impact your online reputation.

What you may not realize is that you can do all that and more with MDidentity. You can generate more reviews, post them automatically, and get feedback to create your NPS.

These automated systems allow you to get the information you need to build a better reputation. More than that, they also share the appropriate information in the right places.

MDidentity helps you show prospective patients that your practice is legitimate and well-respected. 

Do you need to enhance your online reputation? Schedule a free demo with MDidentity to see how simple reputation management can be.