Garnering online reviews is essential to the success of your practice in 2021 and beyond. Positive reviews give your practice more authority and reputability.

Negative reviews, while unpleasant to receive, give you valuable feedback that you can build on. Either way, patient reviews are a vital piece of your practice’s marketing and patient experience.

Patients have become accustomed to being able to provide feedback. People who feel passionately about your practice would like to share whether they have something positive or negative to say.

You should seek both types of feedback to boost your website’s reputation and enhance your patient experience. Keep reading to see why you need to give your patients the online review option they want!

What is an Online Review?

An online review is feedback in the form of a rating that your patients give you and your practice after they visit. Usually, they get completed through an email, text message, or portal on your website.

They are a tool you can offer your patients to provide feedback. If you get this feedback in any form, it can be incredibly valuable to your practice.

Negative patterns may arise, showing you what you need to improve at your practice. Or, even better, positive reviews roll in for you to post and share online.

Having a collection of positive reviews can be very beneficial to your practice. You can post them on your website, review sites like Google and Healthgrades, and social media.

Doing so makes your practice seem more appealing in the eyes of prospective patients. It also makes you seem more authoritative in the eyes of search engine algorithms.

Google especially appreciates a plethora of positive feedback from patients. And, they happen to host one of the most critical review sites on the internet, your GMB listing.

How Do You Get Online Reviews?

Sharing your online reviews is essential if you want to attract new patients. But, first, you need to gather those reviews.

Gathering reviews isn’t as complicated as it seems. If you want to be successful, the best method is to request reviews as soon as a patient leaves your practice.

Before you think that it sounds too time-consuming because you need to involve your staff to send emails, text messages, or reminders, it’s not. The key is to use a tool like MDidentity Promoter Pro to get the feedback you want from your patients with simple, automatic text messages.

Texting, and using cell phones, are how most people prefer to interact with practices. If you want to get in front of your patients where they are, sending review requests to their smartphone is the way to do it. 

MDidentity Promoter Pro allows you to text patients for feedback in the form of reviews immediately. Some people won’t respond, but many do.

When you do this with every patient leaving your practice, you quickly build a large store of patient reviews. And when you begin to collect a lot of positive reviews, you need to share them! Otherwise, you’re asking for feedback for no reason.

How Do You Share Online Reviews?

It’s essential to get online reviews. Without them, you have nothing to show the world that people appreciate your practice.

But, once you have them, you need to take one more step and spread those positive reviews far and wide. You can do this with no effort using MDidentity Promoter Pro.

This technology allows you to gather reviews and post them on essential online review sites like Google, Healthgrades, and WebMD. The best part is that MDidentity Promoter Pro does all this automatically, without you having to lift a finger.

The right online review option will help your practice grow. It gives you the time to focus on your patients and give them an unforgettable experience, so they continue coming back as a repeat patient.

If you’d like to see how MDidentity Promoter Pro could grow your practice, schedule a demo with MDidentity!