Recently, an industry leader and watchdog for all things Search Engine
Optimization related, posted a fantastic article highlighting why having a review strategy is
hugely important. What we wanted to emphasize were a few key points of the article.

1) Have a dashboard to assist with metrics.

This is a key component and deserves to be discussed in a bit of detail. A centralized area, like
a review dashboard gives your business an easy location to quickly see the snapshot of your reputation.
This is essential for a business to understand and quickly. Each business needs to be able to
adapt to the situation as it is, not as they want it to be. A dashboard with metrics gives your
business the information it needs to make quality decisions.

2) Ask for Reviews.

This seems like an obvious statement however we are consistently surprised by how timid
practices are when it comes to asking for a patient to leave a review. Most practices have
surveys in place, but when it comes to asking for a review most businesses simply do not. They
leave it up to chance or the discretion of their clientele. When this model is followed the
inevitable result is that the negativity will be the dominant conversation. Taking an active and
directed approach to reviews is essential to assist in generating a far more representative
picture of the business as a whole.

3) Have a response strategy in place.

While it may be time-consuming, it is important to respond to reviews, in particular, the
negative. Remember that potential customers are looking at what other people say, and how
you respond. Not responding to a negative review implies that you agree with criticism and
quite frankly, don’t care. Everyone is going to get a bad review or two at some point, but how
you respond to it (or don’) is where your potential customers are truly judging you.

You can read their article here – strategies-franchise-multi- location-companies- 250804