Responding to negative reviews online seems like it can be a more daunting task than it really is. Some worry their response will create an online argument with the angry reviewer. Others worry about the repercussions of responding with specifics about the issue. No matter what your hesitations are, the most important tip from the article is this: it is vital to respond to negative reviews quickly and publicly.

Why is responding to negative reviews so important?

In a recent study by BrightLocal, angry reviewers that receive a reply within three days of their posting of the negative reviews are more likely to re-engage with your business. In addition to potentially winning back the lost customer, responding publicly allows your business to demonstrate your company’s standards to other potential customers that are searching for your reviews. When negative reviews are not responded to it implies that the business simply does not care about their customers.

The DO’s and DONT’s of responding to negative reviews

The importance of responding is just the beginning. How you respond is just as crucial. Here are some tips to follow:

  • DO make sure the response is generalized
  • DO keep the language positive
  • DO NOT admit fault
  • DO give the customer a person to reach out to for additional conversations

Responses that have these factors incorporated are the most ideal. Let’s face it, most angry customers want their concerns to be heard. That is why offering a person, phone number, or email address for them to reach out to is necessary. Keep the response general. It eliminates the possibility of a privacy violation. Furthermore, offering a point of contact enables the ability to take the conversation offline so specifics can be discussed.

Using positive rather than combative language in the response sets the tone for future conversations with the angry customer and conveys that the business not only understands the customer’s concerns but also cares about their opinions. Most initial reactions are to apologize for the experience of the customer which implies that the business is at fault. Instead, try something like this “Here at {business name}, we are always concerned when customers do not obtain optimal results. We encourage you to reach out to {contact information} in order to discuss this further.”

How to be aware of negative reviews posted

With all of this great information, you may be asking yourself, “How do I know when a negative review is posted about my business?” The Answer is simple: Why worry? Let MDidentity monitor it for you. MDidentity is an Online Reputation Management software that not only builds up your reputation on 50+ review sites of your choosing but will also ALERT YOU when a review is posted online. Interested in learning more about MDidentity? Click here to request a FREE demo.