At MDidentity we speak quite frequently about the importance of online reviews and how they impact your online medical reputation. We feel that the point has been made, yet there are many aspects we have yet to cover.

Over the past few months, we’ve found that many practices are asking similar questions with regard to their online reputation. In response, we thought it would be beneficial to put together a presentation to share about the basics of managing your online medical reputation. We have partnered with our friends at Glacial Multimedia to bring you a  webinar that will answer many of those important questions like:

* Do people really trust online reviews?
* Does an online reputation truly matter in the medical field?
* How much can a one-star overall increase boost your yearly revenue?
* How many potential patients are you losing by having a negative reputation?
* What is the number one complaint of patients?
* Do you focus on individual doctors or the practice as a whole?
* Easy steps to improve your online reputation.
* Why to focus on your Google My Business Profile.
* Confused as to what profiles to claim? We have your answers!

Listen (and watch) for all the answers to the questions above, and some advice on how to best manage the reputation of your practice. Enjoy!