The 19 Most Important Things MDIdentity Can Do


The 19 Most Important Things That MDIdentity Can Do For You

  1. Automate email campaigns
  2. Quickly respond to negative reviews
  3. Get alerted when a new review is posted
  4. Link in-office feedback to patients’ social media
  5. Obtain reviews in your office easily with the free downloadable app
  6. Create custom review campaigns that target the review sites you wish
  7. Collect and display your reviews on your own website – not a third party company
  8. Divide potential reviewers into those wishing to post online reviews and those wishing to provide direct feedback
  9. Focus on the practice as a whole – or get granular and focus on a specific office, doctor, etc. and shift focus back-and-forth easily
  10. Collect feedback from patients who may not wish to post a review to a third party
  11. Easy-to-understand metrics of campaign performance and overall reputation growth
  12. Showcase the reviews want to showcase anywhere on your website (or site you control)
  13. Create custom emails and SMS text messages targeted to your patients
  14. Focus reviews on the national, local, and industry-specific review sites
  15. Index your showcased reviews on page 1 of search engines
  16. Get your staff involved with a simple, trackable, incentive tool
  17. Reply to reviews directly on third-party review sites
  18. Monitor the review sites of your choosing
  19. Use your own brand