How it Works



Your Online Reviews In One Easy Location

See your online reviews in one easy dashboard. MDidentity finds and displays your online reviews in a simple easy to understand layout. You can view them by site, by rating or by a specified date range. Additionally, MDidentity gives you the ability to go directly to a posted review and respond instantly, allowing you to work with a negative review immediately; potentially turning that negative review into a positive experience.

MDIdentity offers a streamlined review collection system. There are not multiple layers to wade through to have your patients post a review. A single click brings the reviewer to the single review site of your choice, or you can offer multiple review sites to choose from. We even offer a way for you to start collecting direct testimonials if you prefer. MDIdentity offers a simple solution for you to request and gather testimonials from your patients.

MDIdentity makes it easy to run the review campaign you want. If you have multiple reviews on a review site and wish to build up your review presence on a different site, MDIdentity allows you to temporarily turn off review collection from one (or multiple) site(s) and focus on only the review sites you want. Highlight Ratemds, Yelp, or any of the many others. Sharing your story around the web has never been easier.