MDIdentity FAQ


What is MDIdentity?

MDIdentity is a web based software platform that allows you to easily monitor, control and build your online reputation.

How is MDIdentity different than any of the other reputation management products out there?

Simple answer “in our opinion” it’s better. MDIdentity is a far more robust product than what we’ve seen currently exists. Sure, many of the features of MDIdentity may seem similar to others but MDIdentity offers you a cost effective full solution to your reputation management issues. This is not an add on that does one thing very well; MDIdentity is a complete reputation management solution that excels at everything.

How Does It Work?

Beautifully, but you meant what does it actually do for you. The answer to that is “many, many things”, but the stripped down answer is that MDIdentity alerts you when reviews are posted and allows you to gain new reviews on the review sites you choose through email campaigns and in the office directly with your patients.

How much work will we need to do?

We completely understand. The last Thing you need is another program taking up your time. MDIdentity was designed to be a time saving solution not a further complication. After the initial set up you will spend mere minutes using MDIdentity, not hours.

Why do I need this when I can just ask patients to review us?

Fantastic question. The easy answer is that most simply won’t. They may want to but they lost your card with the address they needed to go to to post a review, or they will forget, or life simply got in the way and they haven’t been able to get to it. MDIdentity makes it easy to get them to write a review RIGHT NOW. Whether in your office, at home in front of their computer, or directly from their smart phone, your patients can do it when it is on their mind.

Do I have any control over negative reviews being posted?

No. No one can control a negative review being posted except the person who posted it. However, with MDIdentity you have more control than you most likely ever have. MDIdentity will notify you quickly of a negative review so you can respond to it and work with the unhappy patient and you can control whether that review is directed to your website or merely stays on the third party site.

Will a patient feel pressured into leaving a positive review? if they worry they might not have anonymity?

While we can’t guarantee how a patient will feel, MDIdentity does offer a way for a patient to leave feedback without having to identify themselves, for those that are concerned about their anonymity. Our goal is to have honest, trustworthy feedback that the practice can share with the world.

What happens to my practices reviews if we cancel MDIdentity?

Your reviews are yours. They stay with you, whether they are housed online in a review site like Yelp or Google or we’ve directed them to be housed on a subpage of your website. We will never hold a review hostage.

Is MDIdentity Hippa Compliant?

MDIdentity requires very little information; mainly the name, email address and phone number of the person you would like to write a review for you. We do not ask for any information about your patients that would necessitate HIPPA compliance. If you have their permission to email them, MDIdentity will not violate that trust.

Can it interface with our patient database?

That is entirely up to your patient database company. MDIdentity has the ability to reach out to any patient database software but it will be up to that software whether it will allow MDIdentity access.

Can it be automated?

Yes, MDIdentity can automatically send requests for reviews to your patients on a regular schedule.

Can we control where someone posts a review?

Yes, to a degree. While no one can prevent a patient from finding a review profile on their own, MDIdentity gives you the control of focusing your review campaigns on the review sites that you choose.

How easy it this for our patients to complete?

Super easy. In most cases it’s a simple click of a button and they are posting a review to the site(s) you have chosen.