Medical Reputation Management Webinar


Medical Reputation Management Webinar

At MDidentity we speak quite frequently, and with great enthusiasm, about the importance of online reviews and how they impact your online medical reputation. We feel that the point has been made, and made well – yet there are many aspects we have yet to cover. Over the past few months we’ve found that many […]

Promoting A Partnership – Medical Reputation Management with Glacial Multimedia and MDIdentity

Yesterday our friends over at Glacial Multimedia did us a kindness. they took our video that discusses MDIdentity and our take on Medical Reputation Management and promoted the heck out of it. We appreciate that to no end and thank the good folks at Glacial for helping us out. In return, we thought we’d link […]

Bright Local 2016 Review Study – Our Interpretation

We here at MDIdentity love the folks over at Brightlocal. They are a smart sophisticated group that are constantly striving to keep the rest of us current on many issues in the online profile realm. Some of the most important on-line profiles are of course, review sites and a medical practice’s reputation is shaped by […]

Review Strategies – Do You Have One?

The final installment of the interview of our own Darryl Quinlan by our partners at MDProspects. This final installment deals with reviews, the need for a review and reputation management strategy as well as how MDIdentity can assist in spotting negative trends at a practice. A huge thank you to Jackie Lovell at MDProspects for […]

Why You Need To Pay Attention To Reviews – The Simple Answer

As a physician, medical practice administrator or possibly even a medical marketing expert you’ve been hearing the buzz for the past few years of the importance of your online medical reputation – you have probably even heard a lecture or two and online chatter about the importance of reviews. You most likely follow all the […]